Circumference Measuring Tapes
Perspective Enterprises circumference measuring tapes with insertion slots maintain circular shape and facilitate measuring head and limb circumference. Reusable plastic - clean with alcohol.
Measure to 22" x 1/16" - 56 cm x 1 mm.
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The PrecisePlot™
Quickly and accurately plot the intersection of weight and stature measurements on growth charts with this transparent overlay.
Size 8 1/2 x 11"
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The BMI Wheel
Easily and accurately calculates the BMI of children and adults.
Dual sided 4 3/4" diameter wheel  
Side one Side two
Weights 20-150 lbs Weights 80-400 lbs
Heights 30-54 inches Heights 48-84 inches
BMI 10-25 x 0.2 BMI 10-25 x 0.2
       25-70 x 1        25-70 x 1
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Test Weights
MONITOR YOUR SCALE ACCURACY. Solid cast iron certified test weights are available individually in pounds or kilograms.
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Model # Desc. Model # Desc.
TW-12823 5# weight TW-12809 2 kg wt.
TW-12828 10# Weight TW-12786 5kg Weight
TW-12870 20# Weight TW-12767 10kg Weight
TW-12833 25# Weight TW-12771 20kg Weight
TW-12839 50# Weight TW-12775 25kg Weight

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